Swine Flu IV: The Voyage (that the virus already made to our) Home

Three more Flu A cases yesterday, only one (a Mexican teenager) looking sick enough to suspect flu, but nowhere near life-threatening.  Called NYC Health Department.  Guess what?  They agree with me!  They think all new Flu A is swine flu; they agree that it is less severe than “regular” flu; they think the cases in the city are too numerous to count or confirm, and that many are so mildly ill that they will never even see a doctor; they do NOT want me to report cases or send samples for confirmation UNLESS the patient is sick enough to be hospitalized (which is perfectly reasonable, if they try to count every sniffle in New York they will have no time left for their real jobs dealing with life threatening disease).  Channel 7 News at 11 interviewed me yesterday and this is pretty much what I told them; either I was too boring or what I said was too boring, and they chose not to run my segment, opting instead for more exciting news of school closings and masks running out in pharmacies all over town.  This being the case, I will enlist professional help in bringing my message to the public: (click on the Comments link below):


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