Huricane Sandy Damage

The office sustained damage in Huricane Sandy. Closed until further notice, telephone forwarded to answering service, but but the service is shut down as well.

Please watch this space for news, and we hope to be up and running as soon as possible.


2 thoughts on “Huricane Sandy Damage

  1. My heart is broken for Dr. Belilovsky and other doctors working in this pediatric office.
    We can’t wait to get you back!

  2. Hey ladies and gentlemen, who reside in Brooklyn NY and that are parents. I want you all to take peak at Fay’s Pediatrics doctor. Remember about this time last year, Fay was constantly sick. On one of our weekly visits to Dr. Belilovskiy she was diagnosed with pneumonia. Now everything turned out to be ok with one week staying at home and a bit of antibiotics ONLY DUE TO OUR Dr Belilovskiy. He was able to diagnose Fay’s condition on the first day that it started and this was not the only time this great doctor was able to diagnose my daughter and help her get better in no time. So, if you do live in Brooklyn or around it and care for your child’s well being, come and see him. Moreover, he is a father of 2 great children himself and a real gentlemen who is always ready to help, support, and advise. Should I also mention he came out to see Fay on Fathers Day. Thank you doctor. :)

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