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How did I guess?

"Elementary, my dear Watson."

You can't get here by clicking on a spam email, or through a shopping search, because we have nothing to sell.

You may have heard about us from your friends, and are checking out to see if everything you have heard is true. Well, it is and it isn't. Read on.

Your search may have found us because we are listed, collectively, as a "Center of Excellence", and several of our doctors, individually, as "Best Pediatrician", by a number of organizations.

We were profiled by the New York Times and by Japanese NHK TV some years ago. Any of these searches might yield our URL.

We might come up in a search under "7 days a week" or "365 days a year"
(we have office hours every day), "Accept nearly all insurances" (except a few whose policies we feel endanger patients), "Well baby care" (for which we have a separate office so that healthy infants need not come in contact with sick older children).

There is an old Jackie Mason skit:
"My doctor is so good, I have to wait a month to see him.
— Mine is better, I have to wait two months.
— Mine is the best, no one has seen him yet."

Well, Mr Mason would not like us at all: most patients who call with an urgent problem are seen the same or the next day. With seven board certified pediatricians on staff we can handle it. Do you like one pediatrician best? You can decide — and we can help you decide — if your problem is urgent enough to see whoever is available today, or if it can wait till the next day your favorite doctor has office hours.

We have no clairvoyants on staff. What we do have is a fully accredited laboratory and the latest non-radiologic diagnostic equipment to help us with early diagnosis.

Alternative medicine? Again, yes and no. We are happy to recommend alternative treatments when they work. Of course, when they are shown to work, they stop being alternative: melatonin as a sleep aid, zinc against viral infections, acupuncture and chiropractic for pain relief.
Herbal cough medicine? Excellent — as long as it does not contain the potentially deadly ma huang (ephedra) extracts. Anything more serious than that, and alternative treatment turns from a harmless diversion to a waste of time while the disease process gathers momentum. Early diagnosis only makes sense when attached to early treatment.

Anatoly Belilovsky, MD

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