More on Flu Vaccine Availability

As aways this time of year, there is confusion as to whether or not we have flu vaccine.
Yes, we have flu vaccine.  We do not have the VFC flu shots.
What's VFC?   Read this:  The VFC vaccine has not yet arrived, and we are not allowed to "borrow" non-VFC vaccine and then replace it from VFC supplies.  So at this point any injectable vaccine I give to Americhoice patients (and some others as well) I will not be paid for, even though I bought it myself.  The nasal vaccine (flumist) is available for all children over 5 years old, and we have both the private and VFC supplies.  It is unfortunate that the program designed to improve access to vaccines serves to create "second class citizens" in VFC-eligible children.  The difference in availability between VFC and private suppliers can be weeks to months, in spite of what the VFC web site says.  I am told the vaccine has already been shipped to hospital clinics, suggesting that the program also considers community pediatricians "second class doctors".

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