Video FAQ: Surviving the Teens

It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words; a moving picture, then , is at least ten thousand. Not being the fastest typist, I combed the cyberspace for the finest pre-recorded answers to common questions regarding teenagers, their care and feeding, and how to survive what seems like the longest years of their — and your — lives.  A sense of humor is essential in dealing with teens; the answers are meant to stimulate this, rather than being taken literally.  For technical reasons the videos are embedded as comments. Enjoy!


11 thoughts on “Video FAQ: Surviving the Teens

  1. “I do not approve of my daughter’s dates. How should I behave when they come to our house? I do not want to offend anyone but sometimes it is so difficult…”

  2. “My children have no appreciation of what we go through every day to make their childhood happy. How can we make them understand the sacrifices we make for them?”

  3. Not exactly a teen question — what are some of the dangers that may be present in my home for my small child?

    Here’s the answer — don’t worry about it being in Italian…

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