Swine Flu: The Muddled Picture

The good news is, as of right now it does not appear to be significantly more severe, more contagious, 
or more drug-resistant than garden variety flu, and the H1N1 component of previous flu vaccines may 
actually create at least a small immunity against the swine flu, so the need to worry about this epidemic
 is most pressing for chronically ill and/or elderly individuals who are at high risk for complications from 
any strain of influenza, with the added caveat that the flu shot they received this year may not offer 
them significant protection.
We are also continuing to test for flu in the office; today we have had 3 positive
for flu A so far. (2 PM, we are open 9am to 7pm).  I have to assume these are all
swine flu, as all "regular" flu activity lately has been "B".  None are very sick;
all are getting Tamiflu, with expectations that it will work.  If you are worried, we can help.

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