Swine Flu 4.91: Heavy Thoughts

OK, we know that fat is bad.

(From the cheap seats: How Bad Is It?)

This is one view,

and here is another:

Short version: obesity was the single most important feature that all the people who ended up on life support in a Michigan hospital with complications of swine flu all had in common.

Come to think of it, my single worst swine flu patient was morbidly obese — he went on to need both Tamiflu and several antibiotics because of pneumonia.  Never ended up in a hospital, thankfully, but I saw him every day for nearly a week, and he felt miserable.

Swine flu will come back in the fall, count on it, and summer is a good time to get healthy.  I will reiterate my enthusiastic endorsement of Wellspring, and my  gratitude to them for a job well done last summer.



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