Swine Flu 4.97: Natural Remedies

According to the CDC, our Northeast is the least flu-affected area in the US right now.  We are administering seasonal flu vaccines now, and there is a shortage so get yours soon.  Just faxed in my order for the H1N1 vaccine; we are told that Swine Flumist will be the first available, and that leaves out the most vulnerable groups, but it is definitely better than nothing.

Of natural remedies against the flu, two have enough studies behind them to rise above the level of voodoo:

Vitamin D, which in my own experience, and in many studies, is often deficient in both children and adults, can be given safely in doses above the RDA of 400 units/day — 1000 to 2000 units a day are safe, and will raise the levels to normal quicker than 400.  Vitamin D may be the major reason behind flu’s seasonal pattern.

Black Elderberry contains substances that inhibit viral replication.  There have been studies to show that Sambucol (Black Elderberry extract) works in people; the studies weren’t the best quality, and did not address the concern of immune overreaction that may be the reason for swine flu’s (and bird flu and Spanish flu as well) increased danger to healthy young adults, but, as I said before, this is better data than what we have for most alternative medications.

Back to work.  I have a lot of smart people to vaccinate.


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