Education vs. Training

For those of us who have a driver’s license, education is what we got to pass the written exam; training is the actual lessons in a dual-control car.  And the difference is that we can drive after being trained, but not after being educated.

What this has to do with a pediatric blog is to understand why we don’t have all the answers.

This lesson was recently driven home to me in a most impressive fashion.  I drove my son to a weight-reduction camp, and returned a month later to pick up a much different person.  16 pounds lighter, yes, but that’s the least of it.  I picked up someone who learned responsibility, self-respect, self-reliance, confidence, and strength.  I picked up someone who was trained in all the values I had tried to teach, by precept and by example.  And I picked up a lesson in what pediatricians can and cannot do.

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