More Flu

The CDC reports mostly type A Flu nationwide and in New York, but in out office, the last 2 weeks or so, positive Flu tests have nearly all been TYpe B (unlike a month ago, when they were mostly Type A). MAkes us feel better about using Tamiflu (see earlier post) to which all Type B’s have so far been sensitive.

In other news, it seems as though people are becoming interested in what we have to say. In addition to the old NY Times, Daily News and NHK interviews, there are now articles incorporating our opinions to SIDS, obesity, “third-hand” smoke and (of all things) handling embarrassing baby situations. Our office is also mentioned by COLA (a clinical office lab accreditation organization) as a 2008 Laboratory Excellence Award Recipient, and we published a case report of an allergic reaction to a sewing needle. And, on one occassion, an interview in which I expressed an opinion was incorporated into an article that claimed the opposite. I think it is fair to say that we agreed to disagree.